Purpura Room
Our “Purpura” room is designed to submerge you right into the history of the Casa. In addition to its subtle décor of wood and stones, the room also features a very private balcony and offers views of our pool garden. If you step out of the Purpura, you will directly find yourself at the center of our lobby and delve into a beautiful ambiance for serenity!
Built more than 200 years ago, our ancestors’ house has been completely renovated today to offer you a setting combining the charm of the past and the comfort of modernity. As we were keen to keep the authenticity of the place, our endeavors have led to the creation of two very special rooms. Today, right at the heart of Thoum, the Rosada room stands still with its Purpura twin to tell the story of our Casa.
  • Breakfast included (local organic products)
  • Private garden
  • Private balcony
  • Pool access
  • Massage therapists available
  • Queen bed
  • Bathroom
  • Maximum capacity 2 people
  • Cleaned and disinfected in compliance with SARS-COV 19 requirements


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