Casa De Thoum

Our story: From Lebanon to Cuba

The history of the house goes back to the late 19th century as the house belonged to our uncle Youssef Hanna Hobeiche, who got married with Badiaa in 1932.

Three months after giving birth to their child Hanna, they decided to migrate to Cuba to join Badiaa's parents who were already well established there.

It was planned that Badiaa would leave first to make preparations for their new home and that Youssef and baby Hanna would join her a few months later. However Youssef was forced to postpone the trip due to his mother falling ill, and he never joined her in Cuba!

In 1952, when Hanna turned 18 years old, he made his new way to Cuba to see his mother. Unfortunately it was the time of the communist revolution and they were both completely disconnected from Lebanon and from Youssef for so many years to come. 

In 1988, 36 years later, Hanna returned home and was finally reunited with his father, reliving the memories of his childhood in this beautiful home.

Years later, and because of the great attachment of Youssef to his sister, our grandmother Mahboube, Hanna passed on the house to her grand son.

Charmed by the old Lebanese architecture, and in honour of the great memories this house held, the decision was made to renovate and restore the house and turn it to a place you never want to leave.